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Me in the Radio Caroline Studio 

About Me

My interest in radio goes right back to my early childhood. It covers the days of post war BBC with its three radio stations, to the hugely popular Radio Luxembourg, then to the North sea pirates and land based pirates, to the present day DAB system of broadcasting.


I always liked to dabble with old radios when I was a child. How I never killed myself with them can only be a miracle. Although I was never actively involved with amateur radio (ham), I was a keen listener to those who were, on short wave for many years.


I'm not sure about aspirations at this time. Radio in Britain is changing from one extreme (not being enough of it) to the other (now too much). There are times when I think the greater variety of the old Light Programme was better than the hundreds of top forty stations we have today, now that broadcasting on DAB is very cheap in comparison to nationwide FM and AM. 
I guess my current aspiration is to build this website and share my interest in radio with others who are like minded. I don't know where things stand in regard to copyright, as much of my archive collection is taken from broadcasts of radio stations. If this website provider is averse to the content being on the site, then no doubt either they or I shall have to close it down.