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Contrary to what Christine, of Radio Veronica in Bradford believed, the name Monica came from the girl in the pictures here. She was a pen pal who lived in Cleveland Heights in Ohio and was fully aware of her influence on the naming of our radio station.
Incidentally, Radio Veronica was the name used by a Dutch North Sea based pirate radio station back in 1962-3, even before Radio Caroline was born


Monica Lynne Beauford - Cleveland OH
Monica Sound was operated only a few times a year in the mid to late 1980s by two presenters, Bill and Paul. Bill focussed more on the tape editing whilst Paul concentrated more on the technical side of broadcasting, which was his passion. Each to his own, which worked. They had a huge difference in musical tastes too. In the early days, they would present programmes together but their music was so diverse (Paul liked Soul whereas Bill preferred Rock), that eventually, they split up and did shows seperately.
Bill's broadcast.

Bill 1.MP3

Paul's Broadcast

Paul Alan 1.MP3

Paul's Broadcast 2

Paul Alan 2.MP3

Cutting room floor snippetts - banter etc.


Robert of Ocean Sound

Robert ranting about Monica.mp3

Stephen of Veronica